Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “book club kit“?

  • A kit contains:
    • discussion questions
    • vocabulary help
    • author information
    • historical context
    • bookmarks
    • warm-up activities
    • interesting links
    • menu ideas
    • recommended reading
    • anything else that might add to the enjoyment of your book club! 

Many customers prefer to forward the kit to every member of their book club so members can use the information as they are reading the work.  Check out my  To Kill A Mockingbird Sample Kit!

Here are a couple of quotes from book clubs who have used my kits:  

“It inspired us to to talk longer — and more deeply — about the book.”

“I am excited to have found your website. In the past, we have used reading group guides, but have found most lacking, containing a few questions and little else.”

“The group really loves it. It helps to organize the discussion, especially since we have a number of ‘talkers.'”

How can I find more time to read?

  • The million dollar question!  But check out this recent post for a few suggestions…

Any questions I haven’t answered? 


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