Best Book Club Books

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Since there are so many books and so little time, every week I publish a list of good reads to help you narrow down your choices.

If your book club needs a little inspiration, browse these reading lists of tried and true winners! 

  • First, I have included a selection of lists that I personally recommend

Then, scroll down to see what other publications have chosen as their best!

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Also, check out my series on how to run an effective and satisfying book club

Here’s a series of lists compiled from what I’ve read (and recommend) from the past year…

The lists just keep on comin’…

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4 Responses to Best Book Club Books

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  3. Josh says:

    Wow! This is a long list of great books! Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely suggest some of these to my book club.

  4. Chloe Yvon Westphal says:

    Great list! My friends and I have started a book club, but we all have such different tastes so that makes it hard. Hopefully this list will help us. Thanks so much!

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