My Beef with Meat: Review

My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet–Plus 140 New Engine 2 Recipes by Rip Esselstyn

Release date: 288 pp / 2013

Synopsis (from Amazon): For the millions who are following a plant-based diet, as well as those meat-eaters who are considering it, MY BEEF WITH MEAT is the definitive guide to convincing all that it’s truly the best way to eat! New York Times Bestelling author of The Engine 2 Diet and nutrition lecturer Rip Esselstyn, is back and ready to arm readers with the knowledge they need to win any argument with those who doubt the health benefits of a plant-based diet–and convince curious carnivores to change their diets once and for all. Esselstyn reveals information on the foods that most people believe are healthy, yet that scientific research shows are not. Some foods, in fact, he deems so destructive they deserve a warning label. Want to prevent heart attacks, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer’s? Then learn the facts and gain the knowledge to convince those skeptics that they are misinformed about plant-based diets…

Review:The cover photograph of a handsome Texas firefighter may bring to mind words like courageous, heroic, and virile, but “plant-strong” may not be on the list–unless Rip Esselstyn is already known for his Engine 2 (E2) Diet and as the son of the surgeon whose cardiac disease-reversing program may have saved President Clinton’s life.

Impressed by his father’s extensive research and his own health and vitality after becoming a vegetarian, Esselstyn published the Engine 2 Diet in 2009 and immediately received a visit to his firehouse from the Texas Beef Council, bearing gifts of brisket and other carnivorous treats. However, Esselstyn believes now “things have changed dramatically… all over the country people are learning about healthy plant-based diets.” In My Beef with Meat, Esselstyn debunks 36 common myths about meat-based diets, including that plant-based diets lack protein, providing research, testimonials, and common sense perspective on why so many Americans embrace meat, but shouldn’t.

Then Esselstyn states “People always ask me how I was able to get a bunch of burger-munching, ice cream-scarfing, milk-guzzling Texas firefighters to eat a healthy, whole food, plant-strong diet… It’s all about making and eating kickass food that everyone from housewives to firefighters, from kids to seniors will truly love.”

Each of the 140 “kickass” recipes include no animal products or by-products, no added extracted oils, little salt, minimally processed sugars, and are simple and easy to prepare. They include Savory Shiitake and Cheesy Oats, Spicy Southern Grits, Armadillo Sweet Potatoes, PBJB Burrito, Adonis Cake, and many more. Esselstyn hopes to make a “plant-strong” diet a desire, rather than a duty.

Thank you to Shelf Awareness for asking me to read and review this!

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