Upcoming Changes… and a request for advice!

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Hi Readers!  I have a quick update and then a few questions for all of you…

First, the past two months I have been teaching a new grammar class online — and loving it!  But, like any new endeavor, I’ve been a bit consumed and have woefully neglected Book Club Classics.  Hopefully, you didn’t notice — generous publishers and TLC Book Tours have kept me busy with review books — and I’ve tried to keep up with my Monday lists, too.  But I have felt disconnected…

So, since I am now “re-teaching” the same curriculum, and tutoring will be slow over the summer, I have more time to devote to the needs of readers everywhere!

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Here’s my plan:  More discussion questions!!  This week I will be creating questions for Kao Kalia Yang’s The Latehomecoming and I welcome any suggestions you have for future titles… 

Which leads to my second question:  What price should I set for my questions?  Currently, I charge $7.99.  I’ve been tossing around lowering the price to $4.99 — what do you think?  I realize my competition includes FREE questions available online, but my small price defrays the costs of buying the book, and hopefully reflects my time and experience.  So, does $4.99 sound better?  Or should I just go Open Source and give away all of my questions for free, with the hope that more traffic will result in more $$ through Amazon links?

Last question…  One of my friends recently recommended that I provide “theme lists” for book clubs.  For example, books about time travel or books about spring.  I love this idea and plan to work on these lists this summer.  So, what themes would benefit your book club?

Thank you for continuing to read Book Club Classics!  🙂

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4 Responses to Upcoming Changes… and a request for advice!

  1. Renee says:

    re: Question #2
    I think $4.99 is a great price, especially since your questions are not generic like the free ones online.

    re: Quesion #3
    I love the idea of theme lists! How about books about empowerment, about blended families, about interracial couples or biracial kids, about other countries…

  2. Taren Trew says:

    I love the idea of theme lists and desperately want them. Currently I use some of the lists available on abebooks but ther eisn’t much else on there.

    As far as themes, here are two that I would desperately like to see:

    books with male protagonists that aren’t all full of dark themes/subjects.

    funny books

    books by generation. I find that my young people enjoy books entirely different from my sr. book club. Mr. Sr. book club doesn’t like to discuss 20th century historical fiction, particularly war or race based from the first half the century- my younger adults LOVE this stuff. maybe I’m the only one.

    theme list of books that travel

    books based on emotion-my favorite list from abe books is books that make you angry.

    a list of sci fi or fantasy books that even non-sci fi or fantasty readers will love too.

    And cost of questions- as a library with minimal budget, I would buy the questions if they were for books that I can’t find free questions for. For example- I am Hutterite is a BIG best seller in Canada, but it was a self published book with no discussion questions. If you had questions for that I would snatch them up in a heartbeat! I think at 7.99 or 4.99 if they were for books that don’t have discussion questions already then you’d be fine. Otherwise, you may want to go free. JMO though.

  3. Taren Trew says:

    sorry-I should’ve edited that post before I posted. :S

  4. Kristen says:

    Thank you so much, Renee and Taren!! I have put all of your recommendations on my “theme” list and cannot wait to get started!

    I appreciate your feedback on the price, too. Good point about directing my energies toward those titles that do not have readily available questions, too. At this point, my best-seller is for Outliers (for that reason — who knew it would be such a book club hit!). 🙂

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