Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Hi all!  One of my favorite review authors has graced us all with a Mother’s Day contest to celebrate the launch of her new novel (which I loved) The Threadbare Heart.

Here are the details of the contest:

We want to know which fictional mother-daughter pair made you laugh? Made you cry? Made you cringe? Which pair revealed something true about your own mother-daughter relationships? (And yes, mothers and daughters in film are eligible. Fiction is fiction, right?)


Leave me a comment of 250 words (by May 8th) explaining your favorite fictional mother-daughter pair. On Mother’s Day, I will post the entry I liked best. The winner will receive a signed copy of The Threadbare Heart and will be entered in the Grand Prize Giveaway. On MAY 16, Nash will choose a Grand Prize winner from all the winning blog entries. (How will she pick? Whichever entry just hits her as being heartfelt and true.) The Grand Prize will be announced on the participating blogs, on my website and on twitter.


The Grand Prize winner will receive a ―Book Club in a Box— ten signed copies of The Threadbare Heart, a call-in from the author, and a delicious rum cake to share with your book-reading friends. (Why rum cake? You’ll have to read the book to understand! I’ve picked out a cake by a baker named Kelli because she started selling rum cakes when she lost her baking buddy to cancer and I loved her story – and I happen to think that good stories are a big part of a good life.) Happy Mother’s Day from Jennie Nash (and me!) 

Check back in a few hours to read my review of Nash’s novel!

Here is a list in other blogs participating in this contest:

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5 Responses to Mother’s Day Giveaway!

  1. Theresa says:

    I would LOVE to receive this book! Please count me in.

  2. Kristen says:

    Just a reminder! In order to win Nash’s contest, you need to write 250 words about your favorite fictional mother-daughter pair! 🙂

  3. Lisa G. says:

    My favorite Mother-Daughter book/movie would have to be from Steel Magnolias. M’Lynn and Shelby have the ultimate Mother/Daughter relationship. Besides being family, they are best friends as well. They have the basic struggles like every M/D have with each other but Shelby’s Diabetes adds added tensions to the relationship. M’Lynn donates a kidney to her daughter in hopes it will help her daughter’s health, hoping to ensure Shelby a longer happier life. When Sheby chooses to get pregnant not once but twice M’Lynn worries for her daughter’s health more than she ever has before. During the second pregancy, Shelby collapses, never regaining consiousness and dies.
    This story illustrates the true meaning of a mother’s love for a child; there is no boundary that cannot be crossed. The two are surrounded by good friends and family who keep them intact when things become stressful and ultimately tragic.

  4. Renee says:

    The Family Stone’s Sybil and her daughters, Amy and Elizabeth!
    I LOVE their relationship. You can feel the love between all of them so much…Amy can tell her mother anything! My mother and I were like that when I was younger. We joked with each other, spent time together…I could tell her everything and I knew that I would always get the truth from her (even if at times it could be embarrassing). I love Sybil the way I love my mother…with lots of sugar and just a little zest of salt. Mothers, women for that matter, should want the bond between themselves and their daughters to be that powerful. Although my mother is still alive, I could see what the hurt will be like if she passes. The Family Stone and the relationship Sybil and her daughters shared give me hope and helps me remember how wonderful and off-balance that relationship can be. I now have a daughter of my own. I actually watch that movie a lot! And at times, not all the time, when my daughter of 6 years old is asking “one of those questions,” I think…”Hmmm….I wonder what my mother AND Sybil would do right now?” Cheers to mothers and daughters!

  5. Renee says:

    So who won?! I’m excited to hear whose words resonated with you…

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